Refine Milk Lotion (Retinal/Vit A)


RE-FINE Milk Lotion is a lightweight moisturizer that helps control breakouts and blemishes and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.

Retinol is the most active form of Vitamin A. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for several biological functions. It is vital for cell reproduction, and the maintenance of bones and organs, including the skin. Furthermore, it’s an effective treatment for a variety of skin conditions and breakouts. Researchers believe that vitamin A may directly affect intracellular growth hormone levels, spurring cellular reproduction. Since skin cells are among the most short-lived cells in the body, constant and rapid reproduction is important for healthier-looking skin.

As vitamin A is absorbed by the skin, it passes into the basal dermal layers deep below the surface. Enzyme and mitosis activities are accelerated. Collagen production is stimulated and the skin becomes more elastic and strong, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Vitamin A is also an effective acne treatment as it works to help unclog pores by regulating the production of sebum.

Cold Water Processing For Optimal Stability

One problem with vitamin A in its retinol form is that it breaks down very quickly when exposed to light or heat. The research and development laboratories at Hale Cosmeceuticals have developed a unique cold water processing technique that we utilize during manufacturing to stabilize retinol and ensure that it remains effective.

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