Sub-Cu Glycine Neck Treatment


Sub-Cu Glycine is formulated with the amino acid Glycine, a major building block of collagen and elastin to maintain the strength and flexibility of the skin. Glycine greatly aids in the body’s ability to repair damaged skin and tissue, and this product helps improve the appearance of thin, sagging skin, while restoring youthful firmness and elasticity to the delicate neck area.

Almost 40% of collagen and elastin contains GLYCINE, a non-essential amino acid that keeps the skin and connective tissue firm and flexible. This is called a glucogenic amino acid, which means it supplies glucose for energy. Without glycine, the body would not be able to repair damaged cells. Sub-Cu Glycine improves firmness in the neck, chin, and jawline areas, increases skin elasticity, adds deep hydration, and reduces skin sagginess while smoothing fine lines over this delicate area of the body.

Glycine—This non-essential amino acid is a major building block of collagen and elastin, and skin proteins that maintain strength and flexibility. Glycine greatly aids in the body’s ability to repair damaged skin and tissue.

Carnosine—Carnosine helps to protect muscle cells, including the small muscles around the face that are so important for maintaining smooth, taut skin.

Arginine—This amino acid stimulates NO, or Endothelium Relaxing Factor, which acts as a molecular signal throughout the body. Increased NO is associated with lower fat deposition in the neck and chin area. Vasodilation is also increased, giving a healthy glow to the neck area.

N-Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL—An important amino acid for stabilizing cell membrane lipids, it also promotes the activity of Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), an enzyme that breaks down free radicals, reducing the damage from exposure to UV radiation and chemicals. Like arginine, it also functions as a vasodilator, improving blood flow to the skin’s surface.

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